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Lifelong learners know that keeping your brain, and your body, engaged helps you live longer. Creative aging is the new mantra of baby boomers everywhere!
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Creative Aging

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A creative aging movement is sweeping America! Older Americans are engaging in the arts in amazing ways — dance, music, theatre, sculpture, painting — you name it, they're doing it.

Learning Aids

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Writing a simple learning project plan or SMAART goal can mean the difference between learning that really happens and a good intention that falls by the wayside. Find tips here to help you become and remain a lifelong learner.

Learning Opportunities

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Are you looking for a great DVD? Maybe an online learning community? Even just a little encouragement? Find it here.

Encouragement to Keep Learning

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A lifelong learner doesn't usually need much encouragement. But every once in a while, it helps to hear about other people and the paths they've chosen.


Everything about lifelong learning is extra---extra fulfilling, extra fun, extra meaningful.

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