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Home Health Aide Training in New York - Finger Lakes Community College

HHA Training for Certification and Caregiver Jobs for the Homebound


Home Health Aide Training in New York - Enrolled Nursing Students

Students enrolled in the HHA certification course at Finger Lakes Community College learn patient care, charting, biohazard procedures, and more to prepare for the home health aide exam and for caregiver jobs.


For a prospective student looking for an entry-level position in the health care field, caregiver jobs provide an opportunity to work directly with patients in a steadily-growing field with strong job security. Home health aide training does not require a high school diploma or even a GED, opening the field to many workers searching for stability in a helping profession. Finger Lakes College in Canandaigua, New York offers home health aide training in New York for HHA certification.

Home Health Aide Training in New York

According to Lynn Freid, Manager of Business Development and Training with FLCC's continuing education department, the home health aide training program at FLCC prepares graduates for "employment geared for assisted living homes, or private care for those not necessarily needing to be in an assisted living or nursing home setting."

Requirements for enrolling in HHA certification classes include:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Being an ethical person
  • Passing a fingerprint background check

Most successful students in HHA training programs have writing and reading skills beyond the sixth-grade level. Home health aides need to be able to communicate verbally and in writing, to chart patient information, pass on details to nurses and fellow caregivers, and talk to their homebound patients.

HHA Certification for Caregiver Jobs

FLCC also offers CNA training in New York, and New York State residents who want entry-level health care jobs may consider the certified nurse assistant training or the HHA training. Freid notes that "Training [for both programs] is very similar, however differs in the application of how care is delivered. HHAs are trained to cover and provide daily care to an individual needing assistance within the private home or assisted living facility. CNAs are trained to provide care within the nursing home and hospital settings."

FLCC's website notes that the school prefers HHA coursework students have a valid driver's license, primarily so that the home health aide can transport him- or herself to the various patients' homes to provide medical care.

Topics covered in this home nurse aide training include:

  • Introduction to home care
  • Assisting in self-medication
  • Safety and accident prevention
  • Budgeting
  • Assisting with exercise programs and medical equipment
  • Assisting with special medical conditions and needs

The full program cost is $1,250, which includes all tuition, fees, books, and one set of scrubs. Financial aid for HHA certification is available.

Free Home Health Aide Training May Be Available

Students who cannot afford the course tuition may qualify for financial aid to receive free home health aide training in New York. Speak with the financial aid office at FLCC. Prospective students seeking job retraining may qualify for Workforce New York job retraining grants through the state Department of Labor.

Free HHA certification may also be available to veterans who wish to use the new GI Bill. GI Bill benefits are not restricted to traditional college, but also include vocational training programs like FLCC's home health aide training in New York. Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and the college's financial aid office for details.

To learn more about this program, visit the FLCC Home Health Aide Training web page.

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