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Share Your Experience, Advice, Suggestions, and Stories with Others

This is your chance to share what you know with other non-traditional students. Need advice? Find some here. Got advice? Share it with us!
  1. Being a Non-Traditional Student (13)
  2. Lifelong Learners Share Advice (7)
  3. Share Your GED Experience (3)
  4. Teaching Advice (7)

MOST POPULAR! GED Test - Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?
Which part of the GED test did you find to be the easiest? The hardest? Share your experience with the GED test.

How Has Online Learning Changed Your Life?
Has online learning changed your life? Given you confidence? Allowed you to take care of children and work while getting a degree? Share your experience with us.

Share Your Non-Traditional Student Graduation Story
Are you a non-traditional student finally graduating? Was your road a long, arduous one? Or was school a breeze? Tell us your non-traditional student graduation story. Share your advice. And your photos!See submissions

Adult Education - What Does Adult Education Mean to You
What does adult education mean to you? Are you working toward your GED? Taking technical courses to further your degree? Returning to school for a degree? Do you teach adult education? Talk to us.

Which Language Learning Methods Do You Use?
Language learning happens in lots of different ways---via the Internet, DVDs, CDs, books, even lyrics. Which methods have worked best for you? Share your language learning experiences and advice.

What Are Your Expectations of a Phone Answering Service?
Whether your call is answered by a phone answering service, or you're in charge of training the answering service staff, you have expectations. What are they?

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