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The student center is full of tips and resources of all kinds. Need help studying? Could you manage your time better? How does an adult student balance work, school, and life?
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Scientifically proven games for improving brain performance.

Should You Go Back to School?
Should you go back to school? School is a serious proposition. Consider these eight questions before going back to school.

Hot Topics in 2010 for Non-Traditional Students

The top 10 hot topics for non-traditional students changed over the last year. Writing SMAART goals dropped dramatically from No. 2 to No. 9. Too bad. GED topics, however, were molten hot. Nowhere to be seen in 2009, GED topics take three top 10 spots in 2010. Here's the full list.

Hot Topics in 2009 for Non-Traditional Students
Non-traditional students consistently requested these hot topics in 2009. From setting SMAART goals to writing a personal essay, non-traditional students found info on hot topics right here.

Are You Ready to Go Back to School?
Are you an adult student going back to school this fall? Be ready. We've got lots of help for you. Start with our four ways to be ready for school.

10 Ways to Be a Great Student
You've decided to go back to school. Dare to be the best student you can possibly be. Here are 10 ways to be a great student.

Tell Us About Your Non-Traditional Student Blog!
Going back to school as an adult is an exciting and sometimes challenging adventure. Many of you share your experience in a blog. Tell us about your blog and where to find it! We're all lifelong learners. See submissions

Study Skills - Best of Collection
When you need a study tip and don't have time to sift through all the prose on your bookshelf, a simple list is the perfect solution. This is a "best of" collection of study tips for students of all ages.

Manage Test Anxiety
Manage your anxiety over tests with these simple suggestions.

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