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Ronald Gross, Sue Salko - Bios

Meet popular contributing writers Ron Gross and Sue Salko


When was your last meaningful conversation?

When was your last meaningful conversation?

Photo by Beatrice Gross
Two of our most popular contributing writers here at Continuing Education are Ron Gross, the Conversation Man, and Sue Salko, founder/director of Fluid Moves for Life.

Ron Gross

Ron Gross champions great conversations through numerous books, widespread speaking, and provocative activism.

He often appears as Socrates, the patron saint of good talk, based on his book Socrates' Way: Seven Master Keys to Using Your Mind to the Utmost.

Ron co-chairs the University Seminar on Innovation in Education at Columbia University. The focus of this seminar is on the process of learning -- in individuals, organizations, and society. Its scope includes learning throughout the lifespan, and via major institutions such as mass media, libraries, volunteer organizations, cyber-culture, and educational systems.

Ron is associated with Conversation Cafe, a website that promotes community, democracy, and wisdom worldwide through generating millions of open, respectful public conversations. Visit the Cafe and join a conversation.

Ron's honors:

You can reach Ron at grossassoc@aol.com

Sue Salko

Ron often writes with Sue Salko of the University Seminar on Innovation. Sue is founder/director of Fluid Moves for Life. She is a consultant, speaker, social worker, and senior advocate. She also writes dance reviews for the New York Theatre Guide.

You can reach Sue at sue.salko@yahoo.com. Click on "more images" for a photo of Sue.

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