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Are your students 25+? We have resources for you - adult learning theory, effective lesson plans, and assessments, learning styles info, ice breakers.
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Adult Learning Theory

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Adults learn differently than children. They bring wisdom and life experience to the classroom, and it's important to understand that they learn better when teaching is learner-centered rather than teacher-centered. Do you know how best to teach the adults in your classroom?

Lesson Plans

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Could you use an effective lesson plan format? How about an ice breaker for the first day of class or an energizer when your students are snoozing? You'll find them here. I'll be working on a trainer tool box, so check back often for new teaching tips.

Ice Breakers and Games for Adults

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Whether you're teaching a class, facilitating a meeting, hosting a group, or attending a casual summer party, getting to know the people around you can be intimidating or very fun. Break the ice with a game from one of our collections. People Bingo and Would You Rather... are two of the most popular, and we have accompanying idea lists for you. All ice breakers are printable!

Learning Styles

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Learning styles are controversial, but that's partly what makes them so intriguing. We're adding to our collection of learning styles inventories. If you're a skeptic, find out for yourself if you have learning preferences of your own. I'm guessing you do.

Classroom Management

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Your students are adults, but that doesn't mean classroom management is a breeze. We've all encountered the know-it-all student, or the one who monopolizes the conversation. Find tips here from managing disruptive behavior to effective seating arrangements.

Corporate Training

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When you're a corporate trainer, every one of your students is an adult. Understanding adult learning is essential for you. So is making your training as effective as possible. Training dollars are some of the first to be cut when times are tough unless you really contribute to corporate strategy. I'm working on this section. Let me know what you need most and I'll help you deliver.

Books for Teachers

The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner

I love my shelf of training books. Whether you're looking for theory, skill development, lesson ideas, ice breakers, seating arrangements, presentation help, whatever, there's a book out there to help you. I'll keep adding to my reviews.


Extras are good. Here are a few little extras for the teacher of adults.

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