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Readers Respond: Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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Which part of the GED test did you find to be the easiest? The hardest? Share your experience with the GED test. Share Your Experience

Took the test 2014

—Guest SweetAddicationREDD


La verdad es que tiene que tomar todos los resúmenes de nuevo, ahora son 4 los estrenes pero están más difíciles.
—Guest milamor223

Im taking my GED in couple days

Ive been tying to get my GED for few years now and something always happens to where I cant finish I am going in to take GED read test tomorrow was wondering if its hard to take the test ive been doing the practice test from this McGraw hills GED book from 2013 and I have passes all the practice test but barely passing I am hoping the GED isn't as hard as practice tests
—Guest nathan

Passed new (2014) GED test

I dropped out when I was a sophomore in high school. I spent 1 or 2 days studying each section, doing practice tests and found you could answer most questions using common sense and that I didn't need to memorize a bunch of stuff. I consider myself of average intelligence and didn't find it too hard. I'm finally going to college this fall :) super excited, good luck everyone!
—Guest Jamie

Failed GED math third time!

I found the math to be the hardest. The other sections came easy to me as I did not really need to study much forit. I failed the ged math and I didnt have the money for the 2014, so I decided to join a website called (secretgedloophole) and I was able to get my accredited high school diploma online from home.
—Guest Keisha

Study hard to earn it!

GED test is hard specially math section but with little concentrate on your studies you can do it, you can take online preparation classes it will help you in passing GED exam


I took the GED at the end of 2013, passed all sections except math, retook math in December 2013 passed with 410 but still FAILED by 15 points because GED requires 2250. I ended up going to secretgedloophole and earned my H.S. equivalency through them. I am now enrolled at TRI-C in Cleveland Ohio and do not ever have to worry about taking the GED EVER again!
—Guest Chris


I took the GED test for the first time on December 13/14 2013 . I scored 450 in writing, 510 in social studies , 460 science,690 in reading and 450 in math. I think I did okay considering I have been out of school for more than 30 years... The math and writing was the hardest for me. The topic for writing was not what I expected but I work with it .. Good luck to all GED test takers in 2014.
—Guest Marcie

Slayed the 2014 GED!

I'm proud to announce that I passed the latest GED test. Failed English my Senior year by a few points. Went on hiatus for 3 years, and now I plan to go to Film School. I was intimidated by the new year because the media was telling me the new material was harder. I was most nervous about the Math Test, but surprisingly I pass it. Science was where I got stuck. Retested the subject, and received an email of my new scores today. I'm so happy, I feel accomplished. If I can do it you can do it. Buy Cracking the GED on Amazon, I used my tablet to read the book. It explained everything I needed to know!
—Guest Cain

GED 2014

i took the 2014 GED and i passed everything but math and i only got to 9th grade and i can pass the GED it just takes studying and confidence i am going to take the part again and i studied and i am confident that i am going to pass the maths the hardest i failed it by 2 points but it was pretty hard just study and get help if needed dont try to figure things out by yourself if theres someone close to like a freind a family member or teacher that can help you learn how to take the next step to being ready for the GED test good luck to you all its easy and dont give up
—Guest austin devine


By the way, my scores were Language Arts (reading)-540, Language Arts (writing) 410, Math-410, Science-490, and Social Studies-470. shan2991x@gmail.com
—Guest Shanx92

Math was the hardest

Ok, so I dropped out when I found out I failed 9th grade (was disappointed, so decided to get my GED). I was going through personal problems. Thats why I failed in the first place. Fast forward to 2012 (4 years since I dropped out), im 20 years old and decided it was time to purse my GED. I took the practice test last 2011 and failed the math section only. Re-took that section, passed, and was able to take the official GED test. I took the official test on 2/21/2012 and 2/22/2012 (chose the 2 day route) It wasn't too hard....just the MATH section!!!! I highly recommend the Kaplan GED complete self study guide which you can find on Amazon.com. It is very comprehensive, easy to understand, and it helped me tremendously! I used this book to study for about 2-3 months. Found out I passed soon after and recieved my GED certificate in the mail in April 2012. Its 2014, and I plan on going to college(this fall) to pursue my Associates of Science degree in nursing, to become a registered nurse
—Guest Shanx92

diffuculties in Social studies

I am oki whith the other subjects , but have a lot of problems in social studies. What can I do? Please help me ......
—Guest Indu

tengo miedo

Nesesito ayuda.... Hice mis examenes en 2013 pero no pase el de matematicas.... alguien me puede decir si tengo q hacer otra vez los 5 o solo ese en el 2014?...
—Guest blanca


So i found that the practice tests are harder then the tests. Im not saying ignore them im saying the more u take the more prepared you will be. Dont take the tests til u feel ur ready. Dont worry bout the time limits. The more you take your time to THOURGHLY READ the questions the better you will do. Remember if u skip questions to pay attention to the numbers ur on
—Guest jessica

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Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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