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Readers Respond: How Do You Use Learning Styles in Your Classroom?

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How do you use learning styles in your classroom? Share how you build learning styles into your curriculum.

I don't

After reading Evidence-based training methods by Dr. Ruth Clark, and then seeing her present the topic, and doing more research, I'm more convinced than ever that learning styles are hooey, and it's a waste of time and energy to even discuss them. Design the education / training well, everyone learns.
—Guest Jake Kluch

learning styles

I will be teaching Motor controls this year for NEFBA and I came up with a plan. When I am going over Wiring diagrams and they are learning their symbols, I will have the device the symbol represents and pass it around; show me, let me hold it.
—Guest Harrison.Mathews


To be an excellent teacher, it is a must to remember that at testing time, the test should flunk the teacher, not the student. Why? Because it is the teacher's job to be sure the process of teaching-learning got to the limit. If the teacher did not teach, the student will flunk the test. It is the teacher's mistake in her/his teaching techniques that the student did not learn. It is very important the teachers assume their responsibility in the chaos the education system is nowadays. Gracias, Maria
—Guest Maria Maya

Learning style

The learning style of a student can tell us something about what can distract them, in addition to what can help in a class. I used to use handouts in my class until I realized that it was often a source of distraction, especially with visually-oriented students. They are drawn to what is written on the handout and stop paying attention to what a teacher is saying. Now I send my handouts via email after the class, so that my students have something to look at at home.
—Guest Naoko Tomioka

How to use Learning Styles

Firstly I must admit that I may not fully understood this topic, as there is a whole lot of uncertainty, psychology, human behavior, left brain/right brain, etc. I guess because you are dealing with people and they are humans and thinking beings; that we have this difficulty. Basically I believe that students are driven by different things, motivations etc. These drivers will determine their learning style. Then there may be specific objectives of each student for learning, this will also influence his/her learning style. Because of these unpredictable elements it is critical for a good teacher to be all the more flexible and able to adapt to his/her students. A good teacher must be able realise this and have the ability to adjust his/her teaching style to the respective students. Subject matter is one important aspect, which ensures that you have the tools, however you need to know how to use them for the students you are going to teach.
—Guest Ajit Singh Nagpal
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